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The world is changing at a pace faster than ever before, and we are now living in an era in which the resolution of grand challenges requires a transdisciplinary approach that involves multiple disciplines such as the arts, humanities, medicine and the various sciences. It is my great honour to be the sixth President and Vice-Chancellor of Hong Kong Baptist University, and it is my mission to steer this wonderful institution to a new level of excellence at this historic juncture.

From its relatively humble beginnings, HKBU has grown to be one of the best liberal arts universities. We stand out from the other tertiary institutions in the way that we nurture our students to become the best versions of themselves, and we achieve this through a full and enriched liberal arts and science education. We develop students into confident and caring leaders who possess integrity, perseverance, empathy and a sense of responsibility for themselves and others. We ensure that our students are future-ready!

The University is also playing a pivotal role in tackling the biggest challenges of the age through our ingenuity in augmenting human creativity, and we strive to transform the future with our cutting-edge social and technological innovations. To this end, we have created a dynamic and inspiring research environment in which our scholars can continue to push boundaries and excel, facilitating the transfer of innovative ideas and research for the benefit of Hong Kong, the nation and the world.

I sincerely hope that you will join me on this wonderful journey. Together with the combined efforts of everyone at the University, I have every confidence that we can make HKBU great, and help it contribute even more to the world.


Ping-kong Alexander Wai

President and Vice-Chancellor

Chair Professor of Photonics